Original charm jewellery

South African jewellery label Angelheart creates bestselling handmade silver charm jewellery. Each item is made in the “spirit of love, joy and miracles”. Angelheart Jewellery speaks to the soul with its inspiring words and messages. The original “trinket with meaning”, Angelheart charm jewellery is elegant and dainty albeit powerful in its subtle symbolism. You will find a collection of Chakra designs as well as Circle of Life bracelets, Crystal jewellery, African Symbols and more…. The collections are hand made from Sterling Silver and 9ct gold.

Angelheart jewellery has graced the gorgeous Halle Berry, Kristanna Loken, South African Lisa Raleigh, Astrid Bryan, Kelly Pfaff, Erika Van Tielen and many more……

Jewellery designer, Caera O’Shaughnessy continues to design her charms with their universal symbolism in mind. She believes that pictures and words influence the mind, body and spirit on a deeper level and hopes to inspire your being with the energy and meanings imbued in her collections. Caera lives on the West Coast of South Africa, and draws much of her inspiration from the flora and fauna surrounding her. She has a beautiful daughter Sophie who is her Angelheart mascot.

All Angelheart jewellery is presented on card. All fit into a standard envelope and are perfect for sending to loved ones both near and far.

We believe in giving back to the community and as such Angelheart supports the Red Cross Children’s Hospital by donating to the “Children’s Hospital Trust”,  we believe that reciprocity creates abundance for all!

All products are proudly handmade with love in beautiful Southern Africa.

Welcome to the Angelheart family!